Dudu Fisher's kindergarten – 13 | Jerusalem


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An exiting, emotional musical journey

A unique delightful children's musical, inspired by Jerusalem.

This engaging and enriching 48 minutes will spark the attention and interest of your entire family.

From the past to the present we see the dreams of thousands of years come true.

This wonderful experience is recommended for every family that loves Israel!

The songs

A song of your splendor

You are in my soul

Could all of this be real?

The heart of all mankind

So many names

Nine out of ten

Eight gates

The mercy gate

A journey to Jerusalem

On your walls

A blessing of peace

Our gate to the heavens

King Solomon

Let's light up Jerusalem

With sweet tenderness

Od yishama

If I forgot thee o Jerusalem

Each and every stone

Heavenly kingdom

The sacred wall

Jerusalem forever

Pleasure for the entire family!


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